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Administrative Law and Hearings [Top]

Mr. Redenbacher defends those whose vocation requires a license from the state, including nurses, contractors, architects and others, when an accusation of improper conduct has been brought against the defendant with the threat of revoking or suspending that person’s license.

Collections / Judgment Enforcement [Top]

Both partners have significant experience collecting monies from deadbeat debtors pre-judgment and then enforcing the judgments they, or other attorneys, obtain. See Mr. Redenbacher's article on Enforcement of Judgments on the "Publications" page for more information.

Construction Law [Top]

Mr. Redenbacher is widely regarded as a premier construction litigator in Northern California. He has expertise in every aspect of construction litigation, including defect cases, mechanics liens, stop notices, public works, issues of nonpayment, and breaches of contract/warranty. He represents owners, contractors and suppliers. Mr. Redenbacher is a licensed (presently inactive) general contractor. Mr. Redenbacher provides mediation/arbitration services and both plaintiff and defense services in construction cases.

Employment Law [Top]

Mr. Brown represents employers and employees in wrongful termination actions, in severance negotiations, and in all other matters related to employment agreements. He has handled a laundry list of wrongful termination actions, including those involving unlawful discharge, breach of employment contract, interference with contract or prospective economic advantage, misrepresentation, fraud, harassment, retaliatory termination, defamation, infliction of emotional distress, discrimination, the California Labor Code, the California Government Code, the California Constitution, the California Fair Employment and Housing Act, and other federal, California, and local laws. Mr. Brown also provides ongoing counsel to businesses that need advice and guidance in the formulation of their personnel policies.

Estate Planning

Mr. Redenbacher does estate planning, including the preparation of revocable trusts and wills.  Although there are general guidelines for putting together an estate plan, every plan is unique to the individual.  Mr. Redenbacher is experienced in assessing the factors that go into drafting individualized estate plans. [Top]

Landlord / Tenant [Top]

Mr. Redenbacher and Mr. Brown each handle all matters related to both commercial and residential evictions. They have tried many eviction cases. Mr. Brown has particular experience in cases involving the San Francisco Rent Control Ordinance.

Mediation [Top]

Mediation has been shown to be more effective than litigation in the vast majority of disputes. Parties report greater satisfaction with the results and mediation is nearly always significantly faster and cheaper than litigation. Mr. Redenbacher is a trained and experienced mediator. He serves on the Santa Cruz County Superior Court Mediation Panel. Mr. Redenbacher mediates construction, commercial and real estate matters. The vast majority of mediations settle after a single four to eight hour session, although more complex mediations can take several days. Mr. Redenbacher has also served as an arbitrator, most commonly on construction matters.

Personal Injury - Plaintiff [Top]

Mr. Redenbacher has significant experience in the litigation of major personal injury claims. Mr. Redenbacher tries cases for wrongful death, loss of limb, accidental maiming, paralysis, and other like tragedies, some of which cases he has settled suits for sums in excess of $1,000,000.

Real Estate [Top]

Mr. Redenbacher and Mr. Brown litigate many different real estate controversies: property divisions, fraudulent disclosures, refusals to perform, construction defects, evictions, nuisances, boundary disputes, quieting of title, easements, commission disputes, etc. They also give preventive advice to clients, who include property developers, property managers, landlords, purchasers, sellers, brokers, contractors, and even other attorneys.

Telemarketing Law [Top]

Mr. Brown is known throughout the country for his successful prosecution of claims against violators of the federal Telephone Consumer Protection Act, which prohibits the sending of most prerecorded telemarketing messages and unsolicited facsimile advertisements.  Mr. Brown has collected well over $2,000,000 from telemarketers and junk faxers and obtained injunctions against some of the most flagrant violators of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act.



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