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Legal Resources on the Web

Note:  The links below open a new window.  While these sources are deemed reliable, Redenbacher & Brown, LLP is not the author thereof and is in no way responsible for that content.

American Bar Association
The homepage of the national organization includes its journal, publications and other information.

California Code
Access to the California state laws.  Feel free to contact Mr. Brown or Mr. Redenbacher if you require assistance in navigating through the code.

Dictionary of Legal Terms
All Greek to you?  Look it up with this online resource.  Very useful for terms common and not so common.

Not just for lawyers -- a sort of cross-discipline encyclopedia and Q&A clearing house, with a lot of practical info and useful links.

Homeland Security Department
No, it's not just a place to check today's color.  The newest Federal behemoth sports a host of advisories and regulations.  As an added bonus, now encompasses what used to be the INS.

Internal Revenue Service
If you haven't been there lately (somewhat ironically) the IRS website is now very user friendly.  A lot of useful content and, best of all, you can download about any form you need.

One of the leading websites for asking free and paid legal questions from a network of attorneys.  Do free legal research, search a law library, and download legal forms.

Law News Network
Cutting-edge information for legal professionals.

Legal Encyclopedia
Nolo Publications' legal encyclopedia may provide answers to the legal issue you are researching.

Nolo Press
Outstanding self help legal site for those who don't want a lawyer, don't trust a lawyer, or don't want to pay for a lawyer.

San Francisco Codes
Access to the San Francisco laws. Send an email to Mr. Brown if you need help navigating through the code, and he'll try to help you out via email if possible.

San Francisco Law Library
You may find a publication on the legal area you are researching in the library catalog.

San Francisco Rent Board
If you are looking for information on rent control issues in San Francisco, this is the place to find it. If you need help interpreting what you are reading, you may call Mr. Brown at 415-409-8600.

Santa Cruz County Bar Association

United States Codes
Cornell University provides access to the U.S. legal codes.

U.S. Dept. of Justice
The U.S. Department of Justice provides information on programs, new laws and many other topics.

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