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After a 15-year partnership, Gary Redenbacher and John Brown joined the Cornerstone Law Group. For more details on Mr. Redenbacher’s individual law practice, please visit This site is being maintained for archival purposes only.

Redenbacher and Brown, LLP, a Northern California civil litigation firm with offices in San Francisco and Santa Cruz, is the joint practice of Gary Redenbacher and John C. Brown.

The firm's reputation was built upon a primary founding principle:  The practice of law is a privilege – an honor that must be earned and sustained each and every day, case-by-case.

Mr. Redenbacher and Mr. Brown, as attorneys and members of the California State Bar, understand the imperative of fiduciary responsibility.  A lawyer is to always serve the best interest of the client—period.  Their personalized practice of law exemplifies an unyielding dedication to ethics, to client and to a certain objective: deliver results sooner, not later.

On the pages of this website you can learn a bit more about the firm, the lawyers and, perhaps, a bit about the law pertaining to your case.

If you have any questions or require consultation concerning any legal matter, feel free to contact Mr. Brown at the San Francisco law office, or Mr. Redenbacher, who is based in Santa Cruz.

For more on the attorneys' area of expertise, legal writings and recent actions, please see the Practice, Reports and Attorneys pages.

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